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Posted on Monday November 8th, 2021

Hi. I am Link. It’s nice to meet you.

I am excited to tell you about my friends at Lutheran Life Villages. They need me. And the need you, too!

 As a dog people say I am “mans’ best friend” but I really like the ladies too. My favorite thing is to connect with all my friends.

People say “Oh!!! He is excited to see me!” (My tail always gives me away!) But I can tell my friends are excited to see me too! 


Dogs, like Link, visit residents at LLV as part of resident programming. Resident programming is important because it gives the people who live at LLV fun things to look forward to and ways to connect with each other. I will explain more in a minute, but Link wants you to know more about his friends and the programs they enjoy. Will you help Link support resident programming?

I can’t talk to my friends, but they like to talk with me. Have you ever had a dog that you liked to talk to? My friends tell me all kinds of things! 

One friend told me sometimes he is lonely, but he looks forward to my visits. He circles when I will be here on his activity calendar! It’s like we have a special date planned!

Jean loves BINGO. She tells me it’s her favorite because it’s exciting. She says “you never know who is going to win!”

Mary Lou loves to sing. She says she can feel her faith bubble up in her while she is singing. I like when she sings.

All my friends have something in common, they all tell me that they are thankful for Lutheran Life Villages and the activities.  Mary Lou says she can’t imagine what she would do without LLV. 

Can you find it in your heart to make a special gift today to Lutheran Life Villages?  Your gift will support resident programming. As the weather gets cold and COVID-19 continues it will be more important than ever to keep our residents connected to fun, engaging programs.

Resident programming helps residents have purpose in their life.

A game brings joy and laughter. Exercise helps with balance, coordination, and strength. Sitting around and telling stories helps to cherish precious memories. Above all…. these things connect residents to each other. And, you know life is all about feeling connected to others. 

Link and I are writing you today to ask you for a special year-end gift to ensure that our residents continue to have opportunities to connect with staff, one another, and with animals, like Link. With your help, our residents won’t have to be lonely. 

I don’t need to tell you, but these past two years have been really hard for our residents!

The good news is that you can help! 

Our goal is to raise $60,000 by the end of the year to make sure we can keep our residents connected through fun engaging resident programming. In fact, if you and every person getting this letter gave $35 we would reach our goal. And if you could give more, we would get there even faster.

Your gift today will make sure we can continue to provide meaningful moments of connection with our residents.

Visit to support Resident Programming!        




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