June Wellness Feature: Upgrade your daily routine.

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Posted on Friday March 24th, 2017

Small changes can make a healthy difference

Looking to lose weight and become more fit? Small changes in your daily activities can help you reach your goals faster and easier. Here are some examples:

Get moving at home

On the go? Keep moving

Always think “healthy” when it’s time to eat

Here’s a healthy bonus tip

Keep a daily journal of everything you eat and drink. This will keep you aware of what you’re consuming and help identify healthy and unhealthy patterns.

Be sensible when changing your routine

Remember that when it comes to diet and exercise to set achievable and sensible goals. Don’t do too much too soon. Always speak to your doctor and/or therapist before you begin. The right physical activity and proper nutrition will promote weight loss, reduce stress on joints, improve mobility and boost energy levels for an overall improvement in your health.

Promoting wellness at Lutheran Life Villages

At Lutheran Life Villages, we believe that wellness goes beyond just “being healthy.” Our goal is to help everyone—our senior residents, staff and local community— achieve a harmonious balance of overall wellness of body, mind and spirit. In fact, we feel so strongly about achieving overall wellness, we’ve devoted an entire department to promoting it.

Integrating wellness into our communities is just another reason why nonprofit Lutheran Life Villages is a leader in senior retirement living, senior healthcare, rehabilitation and other important services.

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