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Posted on Friday November 13th, 2020

Below is a link to an advocacy program sponsored by Leading Age that makes it very easy to send a letter to your representatives in congress urging them to pass a second COVID-19 Relief bill.  We urge anyone reading this to take a few minutes to use this simple tool to contact your representatives from congress.  Our representatives need to hear from us as we continue to work to keep our residents, staff, and community safe.


To participate, please follow these 7 easy steps:

  1. Click this link or the link above that says “TAKE ACTION”
  2. Fill out the form on the right side with your name and home address.  Your home address is used to automatically identify your specific representatives.  
  3. Delete the ‘canned letter’ in the white box that leading age has provided.  (I have a better template below).
  4. Copy and paste the template from below into the white box.
  5. Edit the letter as you see fit for your personal message.  
  6. UNCHECK the contact me boxes if you don’t want to get more messages about this campaign.
  7. CLICK the RED SEND EMAIL box.


Sample Letter to paste in #4 above:

As a constituent who is concerned for older adults and aging services in my community, I am requesting your continued support to help aging services providers throughout the country during this crisis. For older adults and those who serve them, this pandemic is not over. It is not about political parties.  I urge members of both parties in Congress to step up and act for older adults.
Please do your part to reach across party lines and enact the next coronavirus relief package without further delay. Critical funding and flexibilities specifically for aging services providers to cover additional costs for PPE, cleaning and disinfecting, staffing, testing and other needs associated with coronavirus are needed now, more than ever. 
The next package needs to be passed IMMEDIATELY and Congress needs to continue to negotiate until this COVID-19 relief bill is passed. Please work on behalf of the constituents in your community to act for older adults and provide the resources needed to protect our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Finally, I urge you to do your part.  You are a leader.  Please lead by example.  The CDC has made it simple.  Mask up.  Practice good hand hygiene. Socially distance.  Avoid large gatherings.  These simple steps can slow the spread so that caregivers can safely care for their families at home and come to work daily to provide care for older adults in our community. The world is watching. 
 Thank you.

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