July Volunteer Update

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Posted on Wednesday July 11th, 2018

Volunteer Update

I want to thank all the staff and volunteers who made our Volunteer Appreciation banquet such a success! It was a great meal, and we all enjoyed simply being together and celebrating our amazing volunteers. Also, many thanks to our hard working knitters who covered Lutheran Park in yarn on June 21st! In the end, the weather did not cooperate, and our event was rained out. However, many people enjoyed the Yarn Bomb through the weekend, and we've been encouraged to try again next year! 

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you might have. Thank you for all that you do! 

Update from Auxiliary President - Rev. Roger Olson

Psalm 100 verse 2 reminds us to "serve the Lord with gladness." That is what the our Auxiliary is all about. Serving the Lord with gladness; serving our residents with gladness. That is what we have been doing since 1932. The words of our first chaplain Rev Martin F. Kretzmann, who served from 1931-1948, "It should be mentioned that the ladies of St. John's Church, assisted by some others, have done much sewing for the home". Thus the beginning of service to the residents at our first home on Oak Street in Kendallville. I have no doubt that they did this service with gladness. Through the years many volunteers have served our residents in many and various ways (with gladness). 

Having been elected president of the Lutheran Life Villages Volunteer Auxiliary, I thank God for the honor to be a part of this storied organization. And, I intend with God's help, to "serve the Lord with Gladness," and serve our residents in the same way, with gladness. 

I take this opportunity to introduce the remainder of the 2018-2019 board of directors. They are: Vice President Lenore Loos; Treasurer Kristie Broom; Recording Secretary Ramona Scheimann; Corresponding Secretary Bonnie Buuck; and Membership Secretary Wava Lichtle. 

I look forward to working with the auxiliary and I solicit your prayers. Thank your for your confidence and your support. 

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