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Posted on Monday October 5th, 2020

For over 80 years, Lutheran Life Villages has been a trusted resource and a partner to our community. As this year continually delivers new changes and challenges seemingly every single day, we have discovered that direct and consistent communication is one of the most effective weapons we have in the fight against COVID-19. 

Utilizing the talents of our amazing staff, we created the following videos as short educational refreshers that we could share instantly with our entire team via text message and email. It has been a great way to keep our team informed and educated. 

As these videos came to life in the last few months, it was clear that they were valuable tools that should be shared. Please free to view these videos and share them as you see fit.

We're in this together!


 Wearing a Mask- Starring Beverly Ellison, CNA

Washing Your Hands- Starring Tracy Justus, RN

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