A Message from Alex Kiefer, President & CEO

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Posted on Thursday February 14th, 2019

It’s important to remind everyone that we all have a choice in our healthcare.  For many of the people we serve, sometimes that message is not quite as clear when they must deal with the whirlwind of our healthcare system at the same time they or their family members aren’t feeling well.

Here in Northeast Indiana, we have the benefit of two strong primary healthcare systems – Lutheran Health Network and Parkview Health – along with several other independent hospitals and health systems.  Did you know that Lutheran Life Villages is part of a growing trend in healthcare where hospitals and care providers partner to improve quality outcomes?  Our goal, together, is to treat our patients so that they have the best outcome possible for their ailment.  Today, we measure that success by making sure we do all we can to ensure you or your loved one doesn’t go back to the hospital after you have left the first time. 

Lutheran Life Villages is, indeed, working with both of our primary healthcare systems as partners in care.  At Parkview, we are part of the High Performing Network.  At Lutheran, we are part of the Post Acute Care Collaborative.  Our connection to both of these systems still, however, relies on each patient, because each patient has a choice in healthcare.  That is – when you or someone you know needs rehabilitation services, you should always ask for Lutheran Life Villages by name.  By doing so, you’ll call on 88 years of non-profit healthcare experience and have the pleasure of meeting one of our two amazing Community Liaison nurses who visit all of our patients in the hospital to help prepare them for the next steps to getting back home with family and friends.  

Jennie and Karole, every day, visit patients in our hospital systems to help them navigate their return to health.  The next time you, a friend or a loved one needs rehab before heading home, ask for us by name.  Karole and Jennie will light up the day with their smile, knowledge and hard work to help our patients successfully navigate their way back to health, with the assistance and trusted reputation for quality and care of Lutheran Life Villages!  If you’d like to learn more about our collaborative approach to care, email us at info@lutheranlifevillages.org


Alex Kiefer

Lutheran Life Villages

President & CEO

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