RN/LPN Baylor Night Shift Supervisor - SIGN-ON BONUS | Nursing

Location: The Village at Pine Valley
Type: Full-time
Hours: Full Time, Baylor Weekend Nights (6p - 6:30a) Baylor shifts equal 12 hr shifts on Saturday & Sunday, with one additional 8 hr shift during the week

Job Duties

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Organizes care needs, assigns appropriate staff, monitors care delivered and evaluates job performance, to ensure the residents receive quality nursing care for the assigned shift. Organizes, coordinates and supervises the overall activities of units. Provides direct care to residents as scheduled including medication pass on cart assignment. Will be required to take nursing calls.

Job Qualifications

A. Coordinates nursing activities during shift.

  1. Receives report of residents with acute medical conditions, deteriorating status, infections, and other situations requiring close monitoring.
  2. Determines availability and appropriateness of staff for assigned units based on specific resident conditions on each unit.
  3. Handles necessary staff adjustments or requests replacement staff as necessary for current and next shift.
  4. Monitors written assignments to ensure CNAs/QMAs have completed resident assignments, plus additional duties as indicated.
  5. Provides nursing consultation to assist in the care of specific residents; makes physician calls as necessary.
  6. Coordinates work activities with other shift nursing management to ensure 24-hour continuity of care.
  7. Personally monitors and assists with non-daily routine nursing activities such as: admissions, transfers, emergencies, etc.
  8. Conducts goal directed rounds in resident care areas using quality assurance tools.

9. Conveys results of rounds to nursing staff and provides guidance and direction.

10.Serves as Charge Nurse as scheduled.

B. Provides direct care to residents.

1. Administers medications and/or treatments for residents on unit, adhering to facility policies and procedures and skill level of personnel.

2. Implements restorative nursing measure, correct aseptic techniques, and other infection control measures when providing nursing care.

3. Is accountable for all care and treatment provided for an assigned group of residents.

C. Monitors quality of resident care.

1. Assesses resident care, care plan goals, current status and behavior.

2. Follows the status and progress of decubitus ulcers.

3. Assists and follows up on monthly medication regime reviews, noting documentation response to medication regimes.

4. Conducts assessment of residents with deteriorating conditions to assure appropriate interventions are initiated.

5. Examines skin reports.

6. Supervises initiation of infection reports.

7. Observes staff adherence to resident rights policies.

D. Orients, develops and evaluates, QMA and CNA.

1. Assists in the orientation of new unit supervisory nurses, QMA and CNA on their assigned shift.

2. Conducts probationary and annual evaluations of all CNA’s on assigned shift upon request from nursing management staff.

3. Conducts disciplinary action when applicable.

4. Observes care being given including physical, psychological and rehabilitative aspects.

5. Encourages and promotes professional development of nursing employees.

E. Functions as a member of nursing administration.

1. Keeps the Director of Nursing apprised of staff concerns, resident conditions, complaints or environmental concerns promptly.

2. Knows and supports facility and nursing policies and procedures.

3. Refers to and uses state and federal regulations to ensure compliance in all nursing units.

4. Participates in development, review and revision of policies and procedures.

5. Provides suggestions and alternatives to improve operation of nursing units and provision of resident care.

6. Assures shift has adequate inventory of nursing supplies, linen, and equipment to provide services.

F. Maintains professional competence.

1. Keeps abreast of developments in the field of geriatrics, gerontologic nursing, long-term care, and professional issues related to supervision in the long-term care setting.

2. Identifies and attends continuing education offerings which enhance the management role in the long-term care setting.

3. Attends and participates in facility meetings, staff development program and all mandatory in-services.

4. Presents a positive, professional image.

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