Head Cook Village at Birchwood | Dining

Location: The Village at Birchwood
Type: Part-time
Hours: Part Time, Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

Job Duties

Responsible for the daily planning, preparation, and delivery of food for The Village at Birchwood.  Works to ensure that the clients and caregivers receive the highest quality meals and service available within budget. 

Job Qualifications

1.      Education/Training 

a)      Culinary Degree or equivalent work experience, minimum of 3 years. 

b)      Serve Safe Certified 

2.      Experience 

a)      Minimum of one year food service experience in hospitality industry. 

3.      Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

a)      Ability to follow instructions. 

b)      Ability to adhere to all sanitary regulations. 

c)      Ability to work independently. 

d)      Weekend, holiday and extended shifts required. 

e)      Professional Verbal and Organizational skills. 

f)       Ability to plan ahead and forecast needs. 

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